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Black women are in the lead when it comes to starting businesses. “For women of color, average revenue dropped from $84,000 in 2007 to $66,400 in 2018, while for non-minority businesses, revenue rose from $181,000 to $212,300. And the gap between African American women-owned businesses' average revenue and all women-owned businesses, Amex found, is the greatest.” 


There are many factors that contribute to the wide gap between African American women- owned businesses and white woman owned businesses. 

    -Lack of funding 

    -Lack of knowledge 

    -Limited access to educational resources 

    -Difficulty finding mentorship and/or a supportive community 


Black Girls Rising University provides a space for black women to learn and grow. Our goal is to assist black women in navigating the challenges they face in starting a business and educate them with the resources necessary to rise in entrepreneurship.