Black women are the central nerve system of society. Our resilience, brilliance and beauty is evidenced in all facets of life. While we embrace our innate ability to impact the world differently, we share a common thread; a sisterhood that runs deep and wide, spans across continents and cultures, ages and stages of life and socio-economic status.

     Black Girls Rising seeks to embrace, inspire, and uplift black women as they rise to be global change agents. Our focus is to empower women in the areas of Personal/Professional Development, Health & Wellness, and Finance. Black Girls Rising fosters a supportive network that celebrates black women rising in silence, rising without recognition, rising despite barriers, Rising! 

Meet The Founder

     Jalezah Shoats is a 26-year-old native of Fort Lauderdale, FL. After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2016, she moved back to her hometown, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jalezah found herself existing in old, stagnant environments that never served her. For years, she contemplated the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but she allowed the fear of failing to dissuade her. As she evolved, the burning desire to unleash her dreams moved her to break free from all that hindered her and embrace what was inevitable; walking into her purpose. She knew that other women were experiencing the same growing pains, so she decided that her journey needed to include like-minded women who were on the rise. 


     In March of 2020, she launched Black Girls Rising, LLC (BGR). Where she stands today is directly related to the awe-inspiring women she's connected with through her platform. Jalezah is the voice for a Black Girls Rising. HERstory is still being written...

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